What We Treat: The Flu

Influenza, or the flu, targets the body’s nasal passages, larynx and sinuses. It’s because the flu attacks these regions of the respiratory tract why people associate the flu and the common cold – as they share many of the same symptoms. Depending on the strain of the influenza virus, symptoms range anywhere between mild and severe. This means patients could experience anything from mere cold symptoms to frequent vomiting. Regardless of the virus’ severity, it’s important for somebody with the flu to remain indoors as this will help limit the virus’ spread. If just one person has the flu in a given office, it could potentially spread like wildfire and eventually infect everybody, effectively killing productivity. In fact, American businesses are estimated to lose $20 billion in productivity.
That’s why it’s vital for everybody to receive a flu shot prior to the start of flu season, since it virtually eliminates any chance of catching the flu. However, flu shots take time to develop before it becomes 100% effective, so it’s possible for someone to catch the flu during that window. Thankfully, we here at AFC Urgent Care in Methuen, MA are here to treat your flu. While your body should be capable of tackling the virus on its own, it’s worth visiting us so we can expedite your body’s healing process.
If left untreated, the flu could potentially weaken your immune system into a state incapable of fending off bacterial infections. This paves the way for infections like pneumonia to infiltrate your body and build up fluid in your lungs. This could lead to some threatening symptoms, which could be potentially life-threatening- especially for older patients. Our physicians will make sure the flu gets treated long before this ever becomes a possibility. They instruct our patients into taking the right steps in order to equip their body into being able to effectively combat the flu on its own. If necessary, our physicians could additionally prescribe antivirals if the symptoms appear too threatening for the body to naturally heal itself.
Visit us seven days of the week for treatment or call us at 978-975-0700 for more information. In addition to being a reliable source of urgent care for the people of Methuen, we also see ourselves as a medical consult, readily available for information upon request.