Back To School Health Checklist

apple on deskSummer’s down to its twilight hours as there are just two more weeks until school begins again. This means it’s time for us to slowly transition back to the school season mentality. Therefore, we at AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care Methuen have prepared a back to school checklist that parents and children alike should consult prior to the return to school.
Backpack Tips

  • Pack light – lockers exist for a reason!
  • Arrange the straps, along with the contents inside of your child’s backpack to ensure the majority of the weight is beside their waist.
  • Clean out the bag weekly to make sure there isn’t any unnecessary weight putting strain on your child’s shoulders.

Lunch/Snack Tips

  • Make sure your child enjoys a nutritious and generous breakfast. Nutritionists say breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason. It’s not just great for the body’s digestive system, but it’s also important for attention span and energy.
  • Pack enough food for your child. While too much food has its own set of problems, not having enough food diminishes energy. Children are growing and as long as they’re participating in sports or other outdoor activities, they can handle a generously-sized lunch.
  • Don’t give your child soda for their school lunches. It packs a ton of empty calories and is extremely acidic, which is proven to weaken the bones.
  • Plan your child’s meals around the school cafeteria’s menu.

Homework/After School Tips

  • Get your child involved with afterschool activities, whether it be sports or clubs/organizations. This enriches their social life, which is proven to be invaluable for their emotional development.
  • Unless your child’s extremely well-adjusted for their age (assuming they’re under 13 or so), don’t have them going home to an empty house.
  • Don’t allow your child to watch TV while they’re doing homework. This will distract them and prevent them from internalizing their school lessons.

For more tips, stay up to date with our blog as we’ll continue to provide relevant health tips that coincide with each season. Visit us any day of the week for a range of back to school related services, whether it be sports physicals, flu shots or injury/illness treatment. Call us anytime at 978-975-0700!