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Sports Gear for Children

AFC Urgent Care Methuen encourages parents to enroll their children in sports at a young age. Sports have been proven to teach a child important values & skills that they can apply to their everyday life as they grow up. Sports are important but can also lead to numerous amount of injuries. It is impossible to avoid all injuries however AFC Urgent Care Methuen would like to give you some tips on the best gear you should be looking out for when enrolling your child in sports!

Head Gear

Helmets are a stable in most contact sports already & are required to be worn by players when participating in their sport. However, did you know that helmets a child gets from sports such as football or baseball are often non-specific to their head type? A “One size fits all” is not the type of helmet you want your child to be wearing on the field! Protecting a growing child’s adolescent head is extremely important, getting a helmet that fits perfectly will help protect your child’s head better than a community helmet.

Eye Wear

Eyewear is often overlooked in sports that do not require it. Sports such as Skiing, Dirt biking, Quadding have a good market for googles because you cannot participate in these sports without them. Other sports such as baseball, basketball, lacrosse, ext do not have a good market on eyewear because it is not popular. However, the eyes are an extremely vulnerable organ; when in contact with an object serious damage can occur.


Having the correct shoes in a sport can save your child from a serious injury. Sports that are played on turf or field ussauly require cleats such as; soccer, football, lacrosse, field hockey. If your child needs cleats, make sure to get them the correct size. You do not want to see your child falling out of their cleats on the field. The worst injuries happen when someone is not bracing themselves for impact. For example, if a soccer player trips they may be able to brace themselves before they hit the ground. However, if a soccer player cleat falls of they might overstep & tear a ligament or muscle.