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Summer and Recreational Safety Tips

Summertime is one that should be fully enjoyed by you and your entire family. As the weather warms up children are more likely to engage in recreational activities including summer camp and sports leagues.

As with any activity, you’ll want to make sure that your children are adequately protected from any potential health risks or injury risks during recreation. Additionally, you’ll want to be a little conscious of the weather and other health risks during the summertime.

Thankfully, there are a few simple, yet effective, preventive skills that you can learn in order to protect your child from harm this summer!

Get your child an updated sport and camp physical

Children 1 year or older are usually required to get an updated sport or camp physical before participating in any recreational activity. This includes participation in both public or private organizations.

However, it is important to understand that sport and camp physical help recreational staff to ensure your child is safe and healthy during these programs. A physical helps doctors determine if your child’s development is on track and if they have any conditions that may pose a risk during activity.

Sport and camp physicals also help recreational staff to determine the best approach whenever your child experiences an injury or safety concern.

Have sunscreen on you at all times

Sunscreen is an important part of making sure your children are protected during outdoor activities. Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to sunburn, heat rash, and even some forms of melanoma if you’re not careful.

Bring at least SPF 30 sunscreen on your person at all times to ensure that your child is adequately protected during outdoor activities. Some sunscreens offer higher SPF protection, but the most sunscreen can protect is at the SPF 30 threshold. Additionally, try using water and sweat resistant sunblock for more reliable sweat protection.

Keep your child adequately hydrated throughout the day

Hydration is an important part of keeping your child healthy and safe throughout the day. As the weather heats up you lose water more quickly, which leads to dehyrdation risks such as headaches, fatigue, and even fainting in some cases.

Avoid dehydration by providing a refillable water bottle and an ample supply of water near your child at all times. In these instances, you’ll want to also encourage your child to drink plenty of water during activity.

Use these basic, yet effective, summer safety tips to keep your child safe during any activity!