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Why it is important to get your travel vaccines

During the summer, vacationers are travelling around the country and the world to take some time off and get some much-needed leisure in. But before you go jetsetting, it is important to stay up-to-date on your travel vaccines.

Travel vaccines are becoming increasingly important since diseases like measles, and similar illnesses, are starting to make a national comeback. Certain states like New York have experienced a significant outbreak of measles cases due to lower vaccination rates and other risk factors.

Both internationally and nationally, it is crucial to ensure that your travel vaccines are current. Up-to-date vaccines help to protect your health during your trip so the only thing you’re focused on is having a good time!

Travel vaccines protect against international diseases not found in the US

Before going to certain international destinations, you may be required to get certain travel vaccines. Depending on where you go US customs may require you to get vaccines for diseases that are present at your destination.

Review the Traveler’s Health page from the CDC to determine which travel vaccines you will need in order to go to a certain country. For example, some countries in Europe and Asia may still be at risk for the yellow fever vaccine, which can lead to serious health consequences for vaccinated individuals.

These vaccines also protect you and others from potentially spreading a disease from your destination. Plan at least four weeks in advance to get your updated travel vaccines whenever you plan on leaving the country.

Review your current vaccinations when traveling in the US

As mentioned above, measles and similar dangerous infectious diseases are making a comeback. Before traveling anywhere make sure all of your basic vaccinations are updated.

Measles can still affect the overall health of smaller children that may be in-between vaccines. Before visiting a different state double-check your child’s vaccines and if there are public health warnings about measles.

A great place to start is by researching local news and national news updates about measles to see if there is a risk of disease. And as always you can double check your vaccination history with your primary care provider.

Travel vaccines protect you, your family, and others

The most significant benefit of travel vaccines for vacationers is that you are ensured protection from harmful disease and also help to protect others!

Vaccines are not only important to preserve your own health but also the health of local communities at home or abroad. Vaccines are usually required before international trips since they ensure you don’t cause a potential outbreak of a disease. Additionally, vaccines help to keep your family safe from a foreign illness!