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How to Prepare for Flu Season this Fall!

Flu season is just around the corner as the temperature begins to drop, the leaves fall, and the breeze gets a little crisper! During the fall, the flu begins to peak and could make you sick, which may put a damper on all the fun activities during autumn.

Influenza infects over 40 million patients every year and causes thousands of hospitalizations for the must vulnerable patients. The flu peaks during the fall and winter as more individuals stay indoors and are likely to pass the virus from peer-to-peer transmission.

Patients that get the flu are likely to miss several weeks of work, school, appointments, and important commitments if they don’t prepare for the upcoming fall season. But the good news for patients is that the flu is one of the most preventable diseases. Just follow the recommended preventive care tips below to stay flu-free this summer!

Get your updated flu shot each year to prevent infection

The best way to remain flu-free throughout fall is to get your annual flu shot. The flu shot uses the latest strain of influenza in order to help your body build up immunity, such as new antibodies, that help fight of the virus.

Influenza changes and adapts each year since it is a virus that tries to infect as many potential hosts as possible. Because the virus changes, a new vaccine is manufactured to protect patients. If you want a flu shot ASAP, then make sure to contact AFC Urgent Care Methuen for a seasonal flu shot!

Practice good hygiene throughout the fall and winter

Good hygiene such as frequently washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, and maintaining a clean household can help to prevent the spread of the flu.

The fastest way that the influenza virus spreads from peer-to-peer is by direct contact, whether that is by handshaking or sharing personal spaces with infected indviduals. By maintaining good hygiene, you avoid the risk of carrying any germs or bacteria that can pass the flu on to you.

Watch for public updates about flu outbreaks in your local community

The flu can spread quickly in both rural and urban communities, which means that you’ll want to follow public health updates about flu warnings.

Public health departments, local news, and medical experts are great sources to learn more about a potential flu virus spread in your community. A basic internet search or news publication can help you find this information easily.

When there is an outbreak of flu in your community take the following steps to prevent infection: get a flu shot, avoid areas that have critical outbreaks, take work off or work remotely, and maintain a good, hygienic lifestyle!