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Why Do I Need a Flu Shot Each Year?

The flu shot is one of the best ways for patients to stay healthy and safe throughout the year. Without an updated flu shot, you may experience several uncomfortable symptoms and other inconveniences throughout the year.

Roughly 40 million people in the United States become sick with the flu and thousands of patients experience hospitalization due to influenza. To protect against the virus, it helps to get a flu shot at AFC Urgent Care Methuen before the flu season begins to peak.

The flu shot works by using a weakened strain of the latest influenza virus to help your body’s immune system fight off the flu. Each year, a new vaccine is created to help patients protect against the flu.

But many patients are still not sure why they may need a flu shot, and forgo the vaccine altogether each year. However, understanding many of the key benefits of a flu shot may convince stubborn family members to get that shot ASAP!

The flu shot provides seasonal protection against the influenza virus

The flu shot helps patients stay immune to the influenza virus throughout the year, if patients get it as early as possible.

Flu season peaks between mid-September to early October, which means that patients that receive the flu earlier are more likely to remain protected. Additionally, the flu vaccine can be re-administered multiple times in a year if the flu remains active into early spring (which is not uncommon in some parts of the country!)

A flu shot limits the number of missed school and work days

Without an updated flu shot, patients are more likely than not to miss several days or weeks of work and school.

The flu can lead to a variety of symptoms including sneezing, coughing, nausea, headache, fever, and muscle aches that make it hard to complete work or school. Additionally, employers and education administrators will tell you to stay at home so you don’t get others infected.

Patients that have the flu are likely to miss upwards of two weeks of school or work. But with a seasonal flu shot, you’re less likely to miss a significant number of days at school.

Flu shots take a few minutes to complete at an urgent care center

If you go to a nearby urgent care center for flu shots, then it is likely that you can get you shot completed in just a few minutes. An urgent care center also provides walk-in clinic access for patients that allow flu shots to be administered on a first-come, first-serve basis!