We ARE offering walk-in Rapid COVID-19 Antigen and PCR Testing at our Methuen clinic – NO Appointment needed. Online registration is recommended (please follow all steps and upload insurance information and photo ID).  We are also seeing walk-in patients for general urgent care needs and following the strictest protocols for patient safety.


Late Fall and Winter Seasonal Care needs

Patients need seasonal care year round in order to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Getting the necessary care each year can be difficult if you don’t explore all of your potential healthcare options.

The good news is that AFC Urgent Care Methuen provides urgent care services for all seasonal healthcare needs whenever you need it! Simply visit our walk-in clinic anytime of the day, or year, to ensure that you get all kinds of treatment.

Urgent care centers provide an exceptional seasonal healthcare service because they are fast, allow patients to get care on their schedule, and also accept multiple insurance carriers. Affordable and fast care is easy whenever you need it!

However, some patients may not be aware of the specific late fall and early winter healthcare needs that urgent care centers can provide for patients:

Common cold treatment is easy at urgent care

Common cold symptom treatment at an urgent care center can help to reduce lingering symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and congestion. Urgent care providers can provide much needed symptom relief with treatment and medication in any clinic setting.

For example, common colds may require more treatment than simple over-the-counter treatment. In this instance an urgent care center can diagnose the symptoms, determine other intervention methods, and refer patients to treatment options.

Flu shots are simple at urgent care

Seasonal flu shots are the best way to prevent the spread of the flu during the peak of flu season. The flu is more likely to spread during the fall and winter as more and more people stay indoors to help stay away from the cold during cooler months.

An urgent care center provides walk-in clinic access so patients can simply walk-in and visit us at any time! Just check the open hours and walk-in, no appointment necessary!

Treating seasonal illnesses is easy at urgent care!

Seasonal illness treatment at urgent care is quite simple with the help of urgent care staff and providers on site! Nurse practitioners, physicians, and similar staff are able to first diagnose the source of your conditions and then provide acute treatment!

In addition, urgent care providers are also skilled in providing referrals and care coordination so you can effectively heal from any major seasonal illnesses! Instead of waiting for a doctor’s office, you can just visit your local urgent care team to relief sneezing, coughing, congestion, and fever from illnesses like the flu and common cold!