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10 Common Illnesses to Watch for During the Fall

Fall is a time of year that many of us look forward to. With the pumpkin patches, Thanksgiving feasts, and trick-or-treating it’s hard not to! Unfortunately, fall is also a time when illnesses spread rapidly. More contagious diseases are prevalent during the fall each year than almost any other time of year. These are the …

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How a Workplace Flu Clinic Can Benefit Your Business

A workplace flu clinic is an option that some business owners have turned to as an investment to help not just their staff, but the company as a whole. A workplace flu clinic provides your employees free access to their annual flu shot without even leaving the workplace! Before you decide it isn’t worth the …

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Healthy Fall Recipes for the Family!

As cooler weather approaches, everyone is spending more time indoors and inevitably becomes a bit less active. Combine those routines with heavy, hearty comfort food throughout the season and Thanksgiving feasts, and it is easy to see why the cooler months can be detrimental to health and weight loss goals. Here are 3 healthy recipes …

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How to Plan Healthy Fall Activities with the Family!

Now that the temperatures are dropping and being outside is more bearable, you can consider spending more time outside with your family.  If you’re looking for some healthy, active, and safe fall activities for the whole family, we’ve got you covered with a few ideas. The list below can help families get the care they …

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Why Do I Need a Flu Shot Each Year?

The flu shot is one of the best ways for patients to stay healthy and safe throughout the year. Without an updated flu shot, you may experience several uncomfortable symptoms and other inconveniences throughout the year. Roughly 40 million people in the United States become sick with the flu and thousands of patients experience hospitalization …

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Why it is important to get your travel vaccines

During the summer, vacationers are travelling around the country and the world to take some time off and get some much-needed leisure in. But before you go jetsetting, it is important to stay up-to-date on your travel vaccines. Travel vaccines are becoming increasingly important since diseases like measles, and similar illnesses, are starting to make …

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Allergies in the workplace

It is the end of April & that means Spring is finally here. Spring is a wonderful time of the year that many enjoy. However, if you are a good majority of poeple you may fear Spring because of the allergies! AFC Urgent Care Methuen would like to give you some advice on how to …

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Sports Gear for Children

AFC Urgent Care Methuen encourages parents to enroll their children in sports at a young age. Sports have been proven to teach a child important values & skills that they can apply to their everyday life as they grow up. Sports are important but can also lead to numerous amount of injuries. It is impossible …

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