COVID-19 Testing and FAQs

AFC Urgent Care Methuen offers COVID-19 Testing for patients.

Our urgent care center is here to assist our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic:

The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has led to mass closures of public community events, local insinuations, and large-scale events. The need for affordable and accessible testing is crucial to ensure our neighbors are as healthy as possible during a global healthcare crisis such as this. 

AFC Urgent Care Methuen offers COVID-19 Testing for all of our patients through our third -party lab partner, Quest Diagnostics. If you have any questions about testing, insurance coverage, duration of services, or anything else, please consult our FAQs below. If you have specific questions please call our clinic directly. 

AFC Urgent Care COVID-19 Testing FAQS:

Are you offering testing for coronavirus (COVID-19)? 

-Yes, we are currently offering COVID19 testing through our third-party lab service. Patients will be evaluated by a provider who will determine if testing is recommended. 

– The specimens will be obtained after evaluation from a Provider in our center. Due to the high demand of testing, the current turnaround time for test results is 2-3 weeks. We expect this turnaround time to improve in the coming weeks.

How much will the test cost? 

– For patients without insurance the third-party lab charge will be $199 in addition to any costs related to examination and treatment in our clinic.

Should I come in to be tested if I may have an exposure meeting CDC criterion and do not have symptoms?

-You may come in to be tested for COVID-19 if you have concern about exposure or infection to the virus. However, results may take 2 weeks or greater to return at this point, and you will be asked to self- quarantine until the results return after testing.

Should I come in to be tested if I have an exposure meeting CDC criterion and do have symptoms?

-Yes. Please call our center prior to coming in to alert the team that you are coming. We will evaluate you, test for influenza, and contact the Mass DPH if appropriate. We can collect samples and send to our reference lab for testing if deemed necessary by our provider. You may also be tested for influenza while in our center.

Coronavirus and COVID-19 Resources and FAQS:

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