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Tick Bite Treatment

Tick Bite Treatment in Methuen, MA

Ticks are a year-long health and safety throughout Massachusetts and New England, since they live in the areas many dense forests. For summertime campers or seasonal hikers make sure you visit AFC Urgent Care Methuen for tick bite treatment. 

Because ticks are incredibly small and can hide easily in brush, campers and hikers have the highest risk of experiencing a tick bite or getting Lyme Disease. However, the good news is that tick bites are highly preventable and treatable if you take the following precautions: 

How Can I Prevent Tick Bites and Get Treatment at Urgent Care?

Tick bite prevention is crucial to ensure that you, a loved one, or even a pet isn’t bit by a tick in heavily wooded forests and similar areas. Because ticks then to hide underneath leaves, branches, and foliage it is easy for them to sneak onto a potential hosts. 

Some preventive measures one can take to reduce incidences of tick bites and Lyme disease risks includes: 

  • Always performing a frequent “tick check” after camping trips or prolonged periods in the woods. Check you, your family, or your pets for ticks on or under the hair, head, arms, legs, or other visible body parts. 
  • Wear protective clothing that covers the arms, legs, and head whenever you’re in wooded areas. High-quality and lightweight protective clothing is the best way to prevent tick bites.
  • Use approved and safe repellents on your clothing to help keep ticks from attaching on to their clothes. 

If you believe that you need tick bite treatment then make sure you visit AFC Urgent Care Methuen for fast, reliable, and tick bite management. Our urgent care providers can provide fast and reliable diagnostic tests to evaluate if you have Lyme as well as acute injury treatment from bites.